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The hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged. Only by fighting technology can a true winner be achieved

The hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged. Only by fighting technology can a true winner be achieved

(Summary description)Behind the prosperity, the hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged.

The hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged. Only by fighting technology can a true winner be achieved

(Summary description)Behind the prosperity, the hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged.


Behind the prosperity, the hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged.

In the recent period, low-price bid-winning events have appeared one after another, and low-price competition and black-box operations have seriously affected the healthy development of the environmental protection industry market, and standardizing market competition has become a top priority. When interviewed by reporters, many companies made it clear that they would not participate in low-price competition, and they also hope that relevant departments can do a good job of supervision.

The industry should strengthen self-discipline, resist vicious competition, and enterprises should expand the market through technological competition

"Our marketing ability is relatively weak, so we chose to enter the fields with relatively difficult technical difficulties, such as heavy metal wastewater treatment." Tang Lang, deputy general manager of Hunan Huashijie Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd., told reporters that one of their marketing methods It is to transport the pilot plant to the user's factory area for actual processing operation, so that the user can see the actual effect and operation status.

In the competition of Jiangxi Copper's heavy metal wastewater treatment project, there were initially 30 or 40 environmental protection companies interested in participating, and 8 companies remained after the first round of screening by the owners. Then there is on-site technical competition, using pilot plant for wastewater treatment, and forming on-site assessment report.

In the end, Huashijie stood out, and the treated water quality reached the "Emission Standards for Pollutants from Copper, Cobalt and Nickel Industries" (GB25467-2010). At present, Huashijie covers 60% of the national copper smelting capacity, 50% of the gold smelting capacity and 40% of the lead and zinc smelting capacity in wastewater treatment projects.

During the interview, Wang Huilong, executive deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department, did not evade the issue of industry regulations. He said that standardizing the environmental protection market requires strengthening industry self-discipline, and at the same time increasing engineering acceptance and monitoring, and severely cracking down on shoddy behavior.

Shibata, secretary-general of the Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association, told reporters that in order to regulate corporate behavior, the Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association formulated the "Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association Self-Discipline Code of Conduct" in 2014. Specific prohibitions include repeated quotations or malicious price reductions. Vicious competition, as well as slandering peers and other improper methods of undertaking business; knowing the unreasonable design requirements of the client, but for their own benefit, reluctantly or actively cooperate with the client, and privately set up secretly arranged or hidden pipelines in the engineering design.

The environmental protection industry is a personalized market, and companies must take the road of high technology and provide system services

If we lose our horses, we can't know what a blessing is. Zhou Boping, President of Kaitian Environmental Protection, told reporters a story: In 2004, when Kaitian Environmental Protection carried out pollution control for the Jilin Changchun Bus Factory, there were some problems in the budget. The budget was 1.01 million yuan, but the actual need was more than 1.5 million yuan. At that time, someone proposed to use cheaper parts to reduce investment, but it was rejected by the company's chairman Ye Mingqiang.

"Regardless of compensation, we must earnestly construct the project in accordance with the agreement. Although we lost 500,000 yuan in that project, the operation effect was not compromised at all. In 2007, when we went to bid for the high-speed rail project, we won the other party's extremely high Evaluation. Up to now, we have successively obtained 14 projects from that company, with a total contract value of nearly 400 million yuan." He said that this matter has a great impact on the company and insists on building a project to build a monument.

Zhou Boping emphasized that unlike other markets, the environmental protection industry is a personalized market, and the governance plan of any project is personalized. For an enterprise, every project is a new product, and these projects are all one-offs, and there is no room for rework. Once a problem occurs, the cost of rework is very high.

"Low-price competition is a fatal problem in the environmental protection market. But Kaitian Environmental Protection insists on taking the high-tech road, doing projects that others cannot do, while providing system services to form its own competitive advantage." Now Kaitian Environmental Protection has become a domestic factory pollution The leading enterprise in governance, the order involves many domestic locomotive manufacturing and aircraft manufacturing companies. In the age of looking at effects, technology is king, and small businesses need to find the right positioning and innovate characteristic technologies.

In the words of He Zhiyong, chairman of Xiangniu Environmental Protection Group, “Now is an era of seeing results. It is necessary for companies to show real housekeeping skills to ensure that facilities achieve operational results.”

In the environmental protection industry for 20 years, he said frankly that it is important for environmental protection companies to find the right position and choose the appropriate subdivisions to survive. “We chose to start with wastewater treatment in the coal and coking industry. This aspect is mostly the upgrading and upgrading of completed projects. The investment amount is relatively small, and it is a small project that large enterprises do not look up to.” He Zhiyong said, “Although we are small, we have our own Characteristics, so I am optimistic about the market prospects."

This view coincides with Wang Huilong. He believes that the current pollution reduction situation and path have undergone great changes, the transition from ton-level emission reduction to kilo-level emission reduction, the development from large-scale emission reduction to individual emission reduction, and the development from heavy engineering to strong management. "This is for small companies. The development of the environmental protection industry must highlight technology leadership, but this is no longer an era where technology is all over the world, and unique technologies are needed."

As we all know, the iron and steel industry is going through a cold winter, but MCC Changtian, which is committed to flue gas treatment in the metallurgical industry, has never stopped technological innovation. Its self-developed sintering flue gas activated carbon purification technology has been put into trial operation in the activated carbon sintering flue gas purification project of Baosteel's Zhanjiang base, and all indicators are better than the national emission standards.

"When policies and regulations are not strictly enforced, counterfeit technology has room for survival. Once strict enforcement is required, technology that can really solve the problem is needed." Ye Hengdi, deputy general manager of China Metallurgical Changtian, told reporters that although it is difficult now, it is still necessary to insist on innovation.

"Environmental protection companies are mixed in the market, but the ultimate law of the market is cost-effectiveness. It is necessary to provide customers with advanced technology and good services." Ye Hengdi said, it is necessary to conduct risk assessment and select good users. Companies that have good integrity, strong anti-risk capabilities, and relatively good industrial upgrades will still choose to cooperate with them. Don't pursue scale expansion, but be steady and steady, practice your internal skills well, survive this difficult period, and welcome the next development opportunity.

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