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Internet + promotes the technological revolution in the field of power grids, the level of smart electricity needs to be improved urgently

Internet + promotes the technological revolution in the field of power grids, the level of smart electricity needs to be improved urgently

(Summary description)On September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed at the United Nations Development Summit to discuss the construction of a global energy Internet and promote a clean and green way to meet global electricity demand.

Internet + promotes the technological revolution in the field of power grids, the level of smart electricity needs to be improved urgently

(Summary description)On September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed at the United Nations Development Summit to discuss the construction of a global energy Internet and promote a clean and green way to meet global electricity demand.


On September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed at the United Nations Development Summit to discuss the construction of a global energy Internet and promote a clean and green way to meet global electricity demand. In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China has creatively put forward the development concept of the global energy Internet, demonstrating the strong confidence and extraordinary willingness of State Grid to strengthen China's power grid.

Liu Zhenya defined the Global Energy Internet in his book "Global Energy Internet" as follows: "The Global Energy Internet is a strong smart grid with UHV grid as the backbone network frame, led by the transmission of clean energy, and globally interconnected and ubiquitous. It has a wide range of services. , A global energy allocation platform with strong configuration capabilities, high safety and reliability, and green and low-carbon." The development of the Global Energy Internet can be divided into three stages in general, first domestic, then transnational, and then transcontinental. The construction of domestic power grids in various countries and the interconnection of power grids between countries in the continent are important foundations for promoting cross-continental interconnection and achieving global interconnection. In regions with good networking infrastructure such as Asia and Europe, Africa and Europe, Asia (Middle East) and Africa, it can be the first to realize intercontinental networking and large-scale renewable energy transmission. Liu Zhenya pointed out that the world's energy development is facing many challenges such as resource shortages, environmental pollution, climate change, and so on. The fundamental way to solve the problems is to implement clean substitution and electric energy substitution ("two substitutions") and achieve clean development. Constructing a global energy Internet with UHV as the backbone network, clean energy delivery as the leading factor, and global ubiquitous interconnection is the key to making clean energy the world's leading energy source.

1. The background and significance of building a global energy internet

(1) The background of building a global energy internet

Since the industrial revolution, human beings have developed and used a large number of traditional fossil energy sources (coal, oil, gas), leading to prominent problems such as energy security and ecological environment, and global energy development is facing severe challenges. In order to deal with energy security and ecological environment issues, it is necessary to adjust and improve the energy structure, reduce the proportion of fossil energy, and develop from high-carbon to low-carbon. It is urgent to accelerate the promotion of two alternatives (clean replacement and electric energy replacement). In energy development, clean and renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, ocean energy, etc. will replace fossil energy. The energy structure will shift from fossil energy as the main and clean energy as the supplement to clean energy as the main and fossil energy as the Fundamental changes in supplementary. At present, the large-scale and high-proportion development of renewable energy has formed a broad consensus around the world.

The world is rich in renewable energy resources. According to the statistics of the European Renewable Energy Commission, the total development potential of global renewable energy is about 3,078 times the current global energy demand, of which hydropower resources exceed 10 billion kilowatts, and land-based wind energy resources exceed 3 trillion kilowatts. , The solar energy resources exceed 40 trillion kilowatts, the total amount is huge, and the development of only five ten thousandths of them can meet the entire energy demand of human society. Although the total amount is huge, the regional distribution is uneven, and the construction of a global energy Internet can meet the needs of large-scale development and large-scale deployment of clean energy. To adapt to the large-scale development of global clean energy, it is estimated that by 2050, the global primary energy demand will reach 30 billion tons of standard coal, of which clean energy will account for 80%, which will be mainly converted into electricity. In order to adapt to the large-scale development of global clean energy, clean electricity must be deployed globally. To adapt to the global optimal allocation of clean power, the scale of "one pole and one" wind power and solar power transmission will reach 12 trillion kilowatt-hours in 2050. In order to adapt to the optimal allocation of clean power within continents, across continents, and even globally, it is necessary to rely on UHV and smart grid technologies to build a global energy Internet. It is estimated that by 2050, clean energy can replace 24 billion tons of standard coal each year, reducing carbon dioxide by 67 billion tons and sulfur dioxide by 580 million tons; by 2050, global energy carbon emissions will also drop to 11.5 billion tons per year, which is only 2009's 50% and 33% in 2013.

(2) The importance of building a global energy Internet

As a major innovation in the energy sector in the 21st century, the Global Energy Internet depicts a new blueprint for future world energy development. It will profoundly change global energy development, economic growth, social life, and the ecological environment. This impact will be huge, deep and comprehensive. all-round. Building a global energy Internet has five important significance for promoting the sustainable development of the world's energy, economy, society, and environment.

Break through resource constraints and promote global energy resource sharing. The global distribution of natural resources is very unbalanced with the distribution of population and economic development. The sustainable development of human society requires that the redistribution of energy resources must be fully realized. Energy interconnection can realize the redistribution of resources and the redistribution of wealth. Promote win-win cooperation and promote economic and social development. Global energy interconnection will bring important opportunities for economic development, poverty alleviation and prosperity in resource-rich regions. It will also provide energy support for economic development in resource-importing regions, and promote win-win cooperation across the world. Promote the development of emerging industries and stimulate the vitality of economic growth. In recent years, new energy, new materials, electric vehicles, and the new generation of information industry have been revitalized, bringing profound changes in production methods and organizational structures, driving economic development and transformation, and promoting sound and rapid economic development in all aspects. Large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy will bring greater market demand for the large-scale development of the equipment manufacturing industry and information industry. While driving economic growth and promoting employment, it will force the continuous advancement of equipment technology and raw material technology. Promote global energy governance and reduce environmental pollution. The development and utilization of fossil energy has caused huge ecological damage and environmental pollution. The Global Energy Internet advocates the full use of renewable energy. Through continuous technological updates and reasonable institutional arrangements, the scale of development and use of renewable energy has been greatly increased. Strengthen international energy cooperation and promote world peace and development. Energy is the resource support and source of power for countries and regions to achieve economic and social development. The interdependence and close cooperation of energy will help resolve conflicts and disputes between countries and become an important weight for maintaining and promoting world peace and development. 2. The important role of the Internet of Energy in improving the level of smart electricity consumption

The Energy Internet will fundamentally change my country's industrial economic layout and energy production and consumption patterns, so as to promote the reform of my country's energy industry system and increase the overall openness of my country's energy industry. Electricity, as an important secondary energy source, is the hub to realize the organic interconnection of various energy networks. The construction of the energy Internet will promote the current reform process of my country's power industry system to the greatest extent, accelerate the improvement of relevant policies and measures, and the speed of research and development of technical means such as smart grids, so as to promote the construction and improvement of my country's new power industry system.

Energy Internet can ensure large-scale access to distributed renewable power sources and electric vehicles. On the one hand, the Internet of Energy can realize coordinated and optimized control among various types of distributed renewable power sources, energy storage devices, and controllable loads. Achieve "horizontal source-source complementary, vertical source-grid-load-storage coordinated control", so as to stabilize the impact of the intermittent characteristics of distributed renewable energy on the local power grid. On the other hand, the Internet of Energy can promote large-scale access to electric vehicles. In the context of energy interconnection, as a distributed energy storage device, electric vehicles will be able to better interface with the power system, thereby optimizing system operation and improving the low-carbon level of the transportation system and the entire economy and society.

Energy Internet can improve the refined demand-side management and the level of personalization of electricity consumption by users. Based on highly informatized infrastructure and big data analysis technology, in the context of the Internet of Energy, electricity sales companies can analyze the electricity consumption habits of different electricity consumer groups to develop personalized electricity service models for different consumer groups. At the same time, electricity customers will also have more choices of electricity consumption modes. On the one hand, improve the refined level of demand-side management of electricity sales enterprises, and carry out refined management and control of different electrical equipment for different users. On the other hand, to improve the personalized service level of customers' electricity consumption, customers can adjust their electricity consumption behavior through mobile smart terminals according to the refined differential electricity prices provided by power supply companies and their own electricity demand.

Energy Internet can promote the coordination and complementation and optimal allocation of power resources in a wide area. Faced with the reverse distribution pattern of energy production and consumption in my country, the power network structure of my country's energy Internet in the future should be a combination of large power grids and microgrids. Various forms of renewable energy in various regions can be flexibly connected through the energy Internet. Further promote the coordination and complementation and optimal allocation of power resources in a wide area.

3. The technological revolution in the field of power grids brought about by the "Internet +" action

my country is currently in a critical period of the energy revolution. This year’s government work report highlighted the important role of the Internet in the transformation of the economic structure. The report clearly pointed out that it is necessary to formulate an "Internet +" action plan to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data. , Internet of Things, etc., combined with modern manufacturing to promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance. The report has aroused great attention from all walks of life to the Internet industry, indicating that the development of my country's energy industry will enter a new historical stage, and the integration of the industry and the Internet in the future will run through the main line of business in related industries.

The energy industry is the leader of the third industrial revolution, and the smart grid is a concrete manifestation of "Internet+". "Internet+" will surely bring changes in technology applications, service models, and development concepts to the power grid. "Internet + Electricity = Smart Electricity". Intelligent power consumption can achieve three 10%: energy efficiency level is increased by 10%; power consumption is reduced by 10%; peak shaving and valley filling are 10%. Intelligent electricity use uses technical means to guide customers' consumption behavior and provide customers with energy efficiency services, so that customers can use energy rationally, significantly improve the level of energy efficiency management, and realize "energy saving + intelligence". Under this trend, the interaction between customers and the power grid will become a reality, and the level of intelligent use of electrical appliances will also be popularized. "Internet +" will enable the rapid development of innovative technology applications in the power grid field, which is reflected in five aspects.

The application of power cloud technology will become the key technology of power grid management. The cloud security terminal system, referred to as the cloud terminal, is a replacement product of the traditional personal computer. It adopts advanced cloud computing technology. The thin terminal on the desktop surpasses the range of the traditional personal computer host in the network. It can be realized at any time and any place. , Any terminal device can access the user's own desktop system and files. In the future, with the obvious growth of power mobile terminal applications, cloud security terminal systems will be the general trend. There will be significant growth in the application of power mobile terminals. Power mobile terminals can directly face power marketing services, customer energy services, and power safety inspection field operations terminals. In addition, the unified trusted communication APP for power communications, telecommunications operations and mobile internet technology-"Incoming Calls" has been successfully applied. It can provide services such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, and multimedia conferences, which can improve the security and communication efficiency of power communication, reduce communication costs by about 20%, and solve problems such as difficulty in cross-regional communication, and achieve "demand-oriented, event-driven" , Five-level linkage, all-staff collaboration, and transparent interaction" new mobile Internet working mode. Internet genes will run through all aspects of electricity. This aspect has now been reflected. For example, power equipment is intelligent. Now many power equipment have been intelligently transformed, which is to add some communicable equipment on the original basis. In addition, network visualization and operation, operation and maintenance of the power grid will also be realized in the near future. Information security business will become an important link in the information and communication industry in the power grid. The power grid generated by the integration of the Internet and the power grid is very important for the development of the entire national economy. Due to the particularity of the power grid, the integration of the Internet and the power grid will produce unique security features of the power grid. Rural networks, big data transmission networks, and mobile virtual private networks will follow. The power network architecture will change. The power grid will build its own wireless private network in the future to support various applications online through the full coverage of communications and the cooperation of operators.

4. The power grid companies should do in the "Internet +" operation

Driven by the Internet of Energy, smart electricity usage will be popularized, and electricity will realize intelligent applications. Future power customers, including individual customers, industrial customers, etc., will have an interactive relationship with the power grid. On the one hand, the active interaction between customers and the grid is very helpful to improve the efficiency of electricity consumption, and it also plays a key role in the energy efficiency balance of the grid. On the other hand, the lifestyle and quality of life of customers will be changed and improved. With the promotion of smart electricity use, mobile phones have become a tool for smart electricity use as client terminals, which can realize functions such as energy efficiency analysis, electricity query, electricity bill payment, home appliance control, and interaction with the power grid. With the binding attention of hundreds of millions of customers, the power customer service end will generate other added value. In their work, grid companies should focus on value creation, coordinate all resources, comprehensively promote the transformation of "grid companies" to "modern energy integrated service companies", carry the energy revolution, promote the industrial revolution, and support the country's economic and social transformation and development.

Accelerate research on key technologies to support the scientific development of smart electricity use. Implement innovation-driven development strategies, seize new opportunities for the country to promote smart energy construction, and develop key technologies such as power optical fiber co-cable transmission, integrated public service networks, distributed power generation, smart microgrids, active power distribution networks, and user terminal intelligence Research, carry out standard innovation and upgrades in the field of "Internet +", advance decision-making and advance planning, and occupy a new highland of practical application of "Internet +" in the field of smart electricity. Deepen end-use energy management and innovate family energy efficiency management models. Take the huge user base as the first opportunity, promote the application of big data and cloud platforms, improve energy efficiency assessment and intelligent control methods, focus on networking, intelligence, and coordination, innovate operating models, expand business development, and promote household "electric meters" , Water meter, gas meter, heat meter "four meters in one, realize resource sharing, and further enhance customer energy consumption experience. Promote energy coordination and complementarity, and realize the open sharing of energy networks. Strengthen the horizontal coordination of departments, comprehensively improve the level of power supply services, deepen research on the technical conditions and operation modes of random power access such as distributed power sources, microgrids and electric vehicles, standardize the development of customer-side power sources, and build an open and shared power equipment and power terminal Energy network. Carry out operation level assessment to promote the practical application of application functions. Guided by practical applications, study and judge market development trends, evaluate profit expectations, learn from the experience of "Internet +" integrated applications, incorporate smart electricity into the local "Internet +" action implementation plan, improve service and management capabilities, strengthen multi-party cooperation, and achieve Mutual benefit and win-win, innovate construction and operation models, and promote the practical application of application functions.

In the future, "Internet + electricity service" will give birth to a new service model, the electricity service model will have obvious changes, the mobile Internet service method will be popularized, and the two-way interaction between customers and the power grid will become a reality. What follows is that the concept of power grid development will change. On the one hand, electric energy substitution and green substitution will become the mainstream of energy development. Electric energy substitution mainly refers to "replacement of coal with electricity, and substitute electricity for oil. From afar, clean electricity is coming.” Green replacement means that clean energy such as hydropower, wind power, and solar energy will replace thermal power, which has grown substantially. On the other hand, demand-side management will also be more scientific and reasonable. The increase in distributed energy grid-connected capacity will increase the demand for interaction between electricity customers and the grid, and the widespread application of smart electricity and mobile terminals will also promote the grid The interaction with electricity customers facilitates the grid side to make reasonable dispatch judgments, making electricity demand correspondingly more scientific and reasonable.

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