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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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Welcome to the website of Mutai Electric Group, thank you for your continued attention and support to Mutai!
The sea of ​​commerce is vast, and thousands of boats compete for development. Thanks to the support and love from all walks of life, Mutai Electric Group has gone through an extraordinary development process and has been recognized by the industry and affirmed by the society.
More than 20 years of hard work, thanks to Mutai people's enterprising professionalism, tireless pursuit and unremitting struggle for the cause; after years of reform and innovation, the low-voltage electrical parts production workshop started from the beginning To form an independent R&D and production group development business model. A modern enterprise management system has been gradually realized, and an excellent management team, advanced technical force, sophisticated supporting machinery and equipment, and a complete quality and safety assurance system have been established.
At the moment, Mutai is actively developing the road to networking, digitization, and intelligence in the electrical manufacturing industry. Various products are now widely used in low-voltage electrical terminal lines, overload short-circuit and leakage protection, involving power, industry, infrastructure, energy, civil equipment, etc. Multiple industry sectors. Unleash the competitive advantages of the entire industry chain and "focus on achieving your value" to welcome the era of new electrical brands.
In the years to come, we will persevere, focus and intensively provide high-tech products that meet market needs, make good use of resources, and realize "smart electricity use". Serve the society with the best products and best services, meet the needs of our customers, and work with all my colleagues to promote the greater development of Mutai, and create a new leap, new sail and new future for Mutai Electric Group's business development.
Finally, take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to people from all walks of life who have cared about and supported Mutai’s development for a long time!

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