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Double-row layout of UHV GIS circuit breaker system will save 50 million yuan

The first two domestic GIS circuit breaker systems with double row layout

The hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged. Only by fighting technology can a true winner be achieved

Behind the prosperity, the hidden worries of the environmental protection industry market have emerged.

The market value of circuit breakers and fuses is expected to reach US$31.11 billion by 2021

In view of the excellent short-circuit protection performance of the fuse, it is widely used in high and low-voltage power distribution systems and control systems and electrical equipment. As a short-circuit and over-current protector, it is one of the most commonly used and most important protection devices. The details of the data analysis of the fuse market value are as follows.

【Dry goods】Classification and structure analysis of low-voltage circuit breakers

Low-voltage circuit breakers are one of the most important protection and control components in low-voltage electrical appliances.

Internet + promotes the technological revolution in the field of power grids, the level of smart electricity needs to be improved urgently

On September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed at the United Nations Development Summit to discuss the construction of a global energy Internet and promote a clean and green way to meet global electricity demand.
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